Custom Poshmark Listing Critique

You will get a custom, video review of the Poshmark Listing you submit that you can watch on demand.

You will receive actionable tips that you can implement right away to increase your Poshmark Sales.

Topics may include based on your unique listing - photo improvements, titles, description, SEO/keywords, pricing, etc

What To Expect:

A Poshmark Listing Critique from me is designed to be easy and helpful.

Coaching is awesome because you can save time and money by learning from my mistakes. Leveling up is easier and quicker with a guide. (Read my bio below).

Your Poshmark Listing Critique will be a video that you can watch and rewatch anytime on your own time. No need to schedule anything with me live.

Your Poshmark Listing Critique will be fully customized and based on what I note when reviewing your specific listing in the video. (It's not a template I use on everyone, its all about YOU!)

My goal for each and every critique is to provide you with custom, actionable tips and tons of value!

Topics may include based on your unique listing - photo improvements, titles, description, SEO/keywords, pricing, etc


All Poshmark Listing Critique Purchases WILL GET ACCESS TO my NEW "Posh Profits Playbook" FOR FREE (included)!

(Set to release Summer 2024, you will get an email with it.)

How It Works:

Setting up a Poshmark Listing Critique is Super Easy!

  1. Purchase your critique.
  2. Follow the INSTRUCTIONS after checkout.
  3. Send me your listing.
  4. Stay tuned for your video review.

Slow Poshmark Sales?

If you sense untapped potential in your Poshmark Closet but are grappling with low traffic and inconsistent sales, my Poshmark Listing Critiques are tailor-made for you. You send me your Poshmark Listing Link and I'll provide you with personalized advice crafted specifically for you to reveal how you can level up your listings for more sales. You'll lean EXACTLY what improvements you can make to increase your Poshmark sales. You'll get a 15-20 minutes video review of your listing with customized action items as well as a FREE BONUS! I'll include my "Posh Profit Playbook: A Guide to Maximize Your Sales" for FREE that's coming out Summer 2024! This is an affordable and easy way to transform your Poshmark business!

What's Included:

Customized Video Review of YOUR Actual Listing

-You will learn what specific parts of YOUR listing need to be improved and are preventing you from making sales.

-You will be provided with CUSTOMIZED actions to take that can make the improvements and increase sales.

Areas that will be covered:

-Photo Item Presentation

-Photo Brightness & Background

-Photo Order, Quantity & Intent

-What is Photographed/Not

-Title Format

-Keywords in Title & Description

-Additional Keywords You May Be Missing

-Condition Description

-Description Template



-Account Impression based on the listing

-and more...

What You Get:

You will get your Listing Critique via email typically in 2-4 business days.

The Listing Critique will be a link to a custom video just for you.

Videos are typically 15-20 minutes.

You also get a FREE BONUS - I'll include my "Posh Profit Playbook: A Guide to Maximize Your Sales" for FREE that's coming out Summer 2024!

How Do You Get It?

Purchase this Listing Critique


Send your listing link to me (per the instructions).

You will get your Listing Critique via email typically in 2-4 business days (can be at most 7-10 days in case of travel, demand, or personal issue, but this is rare).

I can't wait to check out your Poshmark Listing and make a video for you! I love helping Poshmark Sellers like you increase their SALES!

Testimonials From Recent Listing Critiques:

Jeni says,

"WOW! Thank you so much for the listing critique. I have had others critique my listings in the past and yours was BY FAR the best. You were encouraging by showing me what I was doing right and giving helpful action items to use on this listing and future listings. I look forward to working with you again in the future." (Feb 2024)

Jennifer says,

"Thank you SO MUCH for my Poshmark listing critique! I thoroughly enjoyed your video, made notes and have already implemented your recommendations - I'll also do a thorough cleanup on my other listings. Some listings were from my earlier days and I have not gone back yet to update them . . . . your critique has given me the extra motivation I needed!" (Feb 2024)

Mary Kate says,

"Thank you for reviewing my listing! Your feedback was very helpful and you made some great suggestions that I had not previously thought to include. I've already updated my listing with your tips and I'm looking forward to seeing it sell soon!" (Feb 2024)

Laura says,

"Thank you so much, Rebecca, for taking the time to review and make suggestions for my closet. Even as a reseller for several years with many sales made on various platforms, there is always something that we can do to make improvements with the systems and processes that we use as well as tweak what we're doing to become more efficient and more profitable. You're a great example of that by the business model you run and teach. I look forward to continuing to learn from you." (Feb 2024)

Hello & Welcome!

I’m Rebecca!  You might know me as Rebecca the Reseller from Instagram & Youtube.  

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur that has built a pretty cool little business since 2016 while being a Stay At Home Mom. My ventures include reselling on Poshmark, eBay, Mercari & ThredUP; selling print on demand products on Merch by Amazon & Etsy; sharing my crazy journey with you on social media as Rebecca the Reseller; and selling my reselling tools and resources on Etsy as digital downloads.

Why listen to me?

I've sold over 10K items just on Poshmark alone.

I have built a relatively passive reselling business - meaning, I just buy and ship....that's it. I have systems, automation and helpers.

I've been a multiple six figure reseller for the last couple of years.

I buy in bulk online...I spend zero time in thrift stores.

I have a pricing formula and business model that informs my sourcing system and sales generating activities - nothing left to all just works.

Reselling has led me down so many amazing paths and helped me discover so much about myself. I’ve finally been able to realize that my heart is in creating and teaching. I love to work in a business, create automated streams of income, efficiencies, systems, and processes and teach other resellers how to do the same to maximize their time and profits.

I’m here for you.  I’m excited for you.  And I can’t wait to share this journey with you to elevate your business.

Let’s Get Started!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a video call, online meeting, or phone call?

None. Your Poshmark Listing Critique will be a video. You will get a link to your video and can watch anytime.

How do I schedule my appointment?

No need to schedule an appointment. I will provide the custom video review 2-4 days days after I receive your listing link.

Do I need to do anything else?

Upon purchasing a critique, you'll receive further instructions as well but I do ask that you send me an email with your listing link from the same email you purchased with.

Can I purchase a critique on more than one listing?

Absolutely! I recommend putting the action items into effect that we talk about on your first listing on all your listings and then if you want more help simply purchase the critique again and send a new link. You can also purchase customized live phone coaching calls if you want more hands on support.

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

As stated in Teachable's Terms of Use, Coaching IS NOT covered by Teachable's 30-day student refund policy.